Guide: 16 personality types

Guide: 16 personality types

When looking for a job, many different factors can make your decision about where to apply and accept an offer. You can consider the industry, salary, roles and responsibilities, culture, work-life balance, or core values. Your personality type is another factor that you could consider. This includes things like interacting with others, processing information, and making decisions in the workplace.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality test that many people use to connect to career opportunities.the MBTI is questionnaire that provides a general framework for a better understanding of your personality, including your understanding of the world and your decision-making process.

His personality type consists of four letters, one of which is selected from four categories:

  1. Introverted versus Extraverted: How to Spend Your Energy
  2. Sensitivity to intuition: how to get information
  3. Thinking versus feeling: how to make decisions
  4.  judges vs. Perceive: How do you see the world?

In this guide, we will give a brief description of each of the 16 personality types, followed by the jobs that could be suitable for everyone.

16 personality types

ISTJ: introvert, feeling, thinking, judgment

ISTJ personality type in general is practical and responsible. They depend on logical decisions and carry out tasks properly and in an organized manner. ISTJs often benefit from an organized and organized space at home and at work. ISTJs attach great importance to tradition, loyalty and order, which sometimes makes their flexibility difficult in times of change.
The best careers for ISTJ personalities:

  •     actuary
  •     Attorney
  •     Civil engineer
  •     Conservative
  •     dentist
  •     Loan officer
  •     Medical technician
  •     Appraiser
  •     Building manager
  •     Software developer

ISFJ: Introvert, feeling, feeling, judgment

Conventional and informed, the ISFJ respects and endeavors to maintain established structures and to create and maintain orderly environments. They have a strong work ethic that includes serving others and are committed to their duties. The ISFJ are conscientious and methodical employees who are only satisfied after the work has been completed.

The best careers for personalities of the ISFJ:

  •     accounting
  •     Accountant
  •     Administrative director
  •     AT M.
  •     Customer service representative
  •     primary school teacher
  •     Financial clerk
  •     photographer
  •     Research analyst
  •     Showroom designer

INFJ: introverted, intuitive, feeling, judgmental

It is the rarest of the 16 personalities. The INFJ type is very revealing about people's needs, motivations and concerns. INFJs often find value in relationships with others. Although often artistic, creative and complex, INFJs are also very attentive and friendly. INFJs are often referred to as lawyers and often find a meaning in their work that directly helps others.

The best careers for INFJ personalities:

  •     animator
  •     Data management consultant
  •     To name
  •     Head of Human Resources
  •     masseur
  •     Physiotherapist
  •     Nutritionist
  •     professor
  •     psychologist
  •     School counselor

INTJ: Introverted, intuitive and thinking judgment

The INTJ type is based on reason and logic. You are motivated by the acquisition and use of knowledge. They are very confident and are trying to reform and improve the world around them. Although insured, INTJs can be uncomfortable in large groups or with people who don't know them well. They prefer to discuss ideas and facts rather than take part in small, superficial discussions.

The best careers for INTJ personalities:

  •     accounting
  •     architect
  •     Business strategist
  •     detective
  •     Editorial chief
  •     Microbiologist
  •     psychiatrist
  •     Screenwriter
  •     Statistically
  •     professor

ISTP: introvert, feeling, thinking, perception

The ISTP personality type is generally calm and alert. When a problem arises, they are tolerant, flexible and quickly find a solution. ISTP is organized and practical and evaluates data, logic and facts to understand problems. ISTPs often find meaningful work to create and create things, find ways to make things work, and learn from them.

The best careers for ISTP personalities:

  •     Airline pilot
  •     boss
  •     economist
  •     Health inspector
  •     historian
  •     Investment banker
  •     landscape
  •     Management consultant
  •     mechanic
  •     Political scientist

ISFP: introverted, smelling, smelling, perceiving

The ISFP personality type is generally friendly and calm. They like to observe and observe the surroundings around them. The ISFP generally prefers autonomy, works in its own space and carries out tasks on its own schedule. ISFPs value loyalty and engagement in their personal relationships. Harmony is also important for ISFPs to avoid confrontation and to keep their opinions to themselves.

The best careers for personalities from ISFP:

  •     archaeologist
  •     accounting
  •     Dietary
  •     Social media manager
  •     Social worker
  •     Occupational therapist
  •     Visually
  •     pharmacist
  •     translator
  •     Veterinary

INFP: introverted, intuitive, feeling, perception

Since INFPs are very curious, curious and innovative people, they are generally optimistic about their vision of the world and can be an inspiring member of the team. INFPs make up only 2% of the population. They are very creative, easily find connections in hidden patterns and enjoy abstract thinking.

The best careers for INFP personalities:

  •     archivist
  •     consultant
  •     Good artist
  •     Film editing
  •     Fundraising manager
  •     geographer
  •     Graphic designer
  •     journalist
  •     Museum curator
  •     Nurse

INTP: introverted, intuitive, thought, perceived

The INTP personality type is rather calm and content. They like abstract ideas and think deeply about theories of interaction with others. INTPs want logical answers to questions or problems that arise in their environment. INTPs are often skeptical and analytical and are ideal for solving problems. They are useful when certain business problems arise. They are often very creative, intelligent and caring.

The best careers for INTP personalities:

  •     A biomedical engineer
  •     composer
  •     IT system analyst
  •     Environmental specialist
  •     Marketing consultant
  •     Manufacturer
  •     professor
  •     Sales engineer
  •     Web developer
  •     writer

ESTP: extrovert, feel, think, perceive

The ESTP personality type is often referred to as an entrepreneur. You are energetic, pragmatic and flexible. They strive to get quick results and often run the risk of finding the best solutions. ESTPs often do this before they consider, correct, and adjust their processes over time. ESTPs benefit from an accelerated lifestyle by living "in the moment" and spending time with groups of people.

The best careers for ESTP personalities:

  •     actor
  •     Athletics coach
  •     boss
  •     Civil engineer
  •     contractor
  •     Marketing manager
  •     paramedic
  •     Commercial Manager
  •     Stockbroker
  •     land surveyor

ESFP: extrovert, smell, smell, perceive

The ESFP personality type is often viewed as an artist and is sociable, friendly and generous. They like to spend time with others and spread enthusiasm and joy at home and at work. Although they are practical and realistic in their work, they also appreciate the joy of achieving their goals. They are energetic and flexible and encourage others on their way.
The best careers for ESFP personalities:

  •     beautician
  •     Event planner
  •     Firefighter
  •     Flight attendant
  •     General practitioner
  •     Hostess hostess
  •     Pediatrician
  •     Retailers
  •     Theater teacher
  •     Tour guide

ENFP: extrovert, intuitive, feeling, perception

The ENFP personality can be strong in various many workplaces. The ENFP type is generally innovative, inspiring, and often fearless to take risks. ENFPs make up around 8% of the total population and include more women than men. They are very empathetic when they understand how individuals and groups work, which makes them natural leaders in organizations. ENFPs are looking for enthusiasm, enjoy abstract and experimental learning and are looking for maximum potential for their professional and other experiences.

The best careers for ENFP personalities:

  •     Campaign manager
  •     choreographer
  •     editor
  •     consultant
  •     masseur
  •     Real estate agent
  •     Commercially
  •     Screenwriter
  •     Urban planners
  •     server

ENTP: extroverted, intuitive, thinking, empathetic

The ENTP personality is ideal for entrepreneurial thinking, regardless of whether ENTPs opt for their own company or for innovations within a company. ENTPs often find it difficult to meet deadlines and work within hierarchies, which can limit their talent for innovation. ENTPs prefer to focus on the “big idea” and oppose routine and repetitive tasks. Instead, they prefer conceptual work, problem solving, and the ability to leave the details to others.

The best careers for ENTP personalities:

  •     Attorney
  •     Business coach
  •     editor
  •     Chemically
  •     Creative director
  •     Environmental specialist
  •     Financial glider
  •     Operations specialist
  •     psychologist
  •     System analyzer

ESTJ: sociable, sensitive, thinking, judging

ESTJs are excellent leaders who value tradition and order. Strong character traits are important to ESTJs who respect honesty and commitment both in themselves and in others. ESTJs are practical decision-makers who are looking for ways to see results quickly and efficiently. ESTJs are organized and logical and know how to create and implement plans. They are not afraid of difficult plans or decisions and work to unite others to a common goal.

Best careers for ESTJ personalities:

  •     Building inspector
  •     Business Development Manager
  •     Trainer
  •     Finance director
  •     Military officer
  •     Hotel manager
  •     Paralegal
  •     police officer
  •     Real estate agent
  •     Commercially

ESFJ: extrovert, smell, smell, judge

The ESFJ are serious and practical, committed to their responsibility and sensitive to the needs of others. They seek harmony and are generous with their time, efforts and emotions and strive to please at work and at home. The ESFJ values ​​loyalty and tradition and adheres to a strict moral code. They generally enjoy their routines and keep a regular schedule that keeps them organized and productive.

The best careers for ESFJ personalities:

  •     accounting
  •     providers
  •     choreographer
  •     Company teacher
  •     Court reporter
  •     Fashion shopper
  •     Media planner
  •     Medical researcher
  •     Administrative officer
  •     optician

ENFJ: extrovert, intuitive, feeling, judgmental

ENFJ personality types are often charismatic and empathetic leaders. They are very intuitive with regard to the emotions, needs and motivations of others. ENFJs are often responsible and loyal, looking for ways to improve their team by leading with responsiveness and inspiration. ENFJs often look for ways to improve the world and bring people together to make a difference.

The best careers of ENFJ personalities:

  •     Artistic Director
  •     editor
  •     Executive Assistant
  •     Market analyst
  •     Mediator
  •     Motivational speaker
  •     photographer
  •     Physiotherapist
  •     Real estate agent
  •     sociologist
ENTJ: extrovert, intuitive, thinking, judging

Often referred to as "the commander", the ENTJ are natural leaders. The ENTJ personality type is often honest and willing to make quick decisions. They quickly identify inefficiencies and develop ways to solve problems. ENTJpatients attach great importance to goal setting, organization and planning. They are charismatic and confident, which helps them to bring a group together behind a common goal. Sometimes they tend to be viewed as difficult by others by using their dynamism and rational thinking to achieve goals by any means necessary.

The best careers for ENT personalities:

  •         astronomer
  •         Budget analyst
  •         Entrepreneurs
  •         Construction director
  •         Database administrator
  •         Insurance agent
  •         judge
  •         Mechanical engineer
  •         Project manager
  •         PR specialist



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Guide: 16 personality types
Guide: 16 personality types
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